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Artist / Songwriter

Troy Hudson, born and raised in Peckham, is a driven artist with a passion for creating songs with deep-rooted and layered storylines, containing relatable experiences that she or someone close has been through. Her sound is a throwback from the 90’s and is an amalgamation of r&b, hip-hop, soul and commercial. Her musical story started as a young child, where she was blessed to have parents and a family who loved music and constantly played music in the household. Troy was singing before she could barely talk, and instead of paying attention to the melody as most young children would, she would be paying attention to the lyrics and this is where her song writing skills came into fruition.

From a very young age Troy attended Theatre Peckham (previously known as New Peckham Varieties), a performing arts school where she equipped all the skills to dance and act as well as develop her singing and songwriting skills. Throughout the years she starred in multiple theatre productions whilst training at Theatre Peckham and she found her taste for performing in front of audiences and a new love for the stage. This lead her to attend the Brit school as a teenager where she studied four years of dance and a year of artist management.

Closer to home, Troy came to find out her neighbour, MsoEazy (previously known as Mdot-E), produced beats and engineered. He encouraged her to explore recording music and from there they began working closely together, with Troy recording her first track at the tender age of 15. Troy perfected her craft by consistently writing and recording songs with MSoEazy and through her hard graft she was scouted for the girl group Ruff Diamondz (RD).

RD was bittersweet for Troy Hudson, being that it was a humbling experience to be signed to major publishing and recording labels Sony ATV & Polydor, had their second single “Got Me Burnin” playlisted on BBC Radio 1 as well as touring, performing and working with some of the industry’s greats. However after challenges with management and being dropped from Polydor, Troy decided to part ways with the girls as she wanted to embark on a solo journey.

From there, Troy went back to her foundations and started working with MsoEazy again as well as new producer friends, producing the moving r&b anthem, "Say Bye-Bye” as well as creating EP projects including Write A Song About It. This EP exhibited her extraordinary ability to vent her deep emotions through her music, making her relatable and likeable, as her fans really take to the honesty that she injects into her songs.

Following on from this, she put together her critically acclaimed EP Protect Your Throne (P.Y.T) whilst managed by My-ish. This project highlighted Troy’s inventive side, as she was able to put 5 separate tracks she recorded together to create a 5 part mini-series, which follow her on her journey through the trials and tribulations of love, life and emotion.

After Troy released P.Y.T. she took a hiatus from music, as she was going through a difficult time in her personal life. This difficult period put her into a depressive state, which she was only able to get out off through meditating, prayer and talking to people who had gone through similar issues.

Through doing youth work and conducting song-writing workshops, this actually helped to revamp her song-writing skills and now her goal is to share the pain she was able to overcome in her upcoming releases, to help others who are going through similar issues and she has found that the music she has released recently has been resonating with people, as it is heartfelt.

This year of 2019 marks her 16th year since Troy started recording music, and has reunited with MsoEazy as an artist on his independent label ‘Cruz Ctrl’. She’s returning to the music scene with brand new music and brand new projects, and has collaborated with some of the UK’s creme de la creme.